600,000,000 people are using WeChat to visit webpages!

Are you ready?

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Have you noticed that recently…

  • A single WeChat post can bring about the butterfly effect and become global instantaneously.

  • Even individuals are creating their own brands. This is a great opportunity!

  • WeChat has replaced traditional search engines to become the largest Internet gateway.

  • Competition for better e-commerce and Internet marketing strategies is heating up.

  • WeChat has arrived. The mobile Internet era has arrived. What should businesses be doing in light of this?

    Traditionally, almost everyone surfed the Internet for information through the use of search engines. Now, in this mobile Internet era, WeChat has become the new Internet gateway, thanks to its huge number of users and the convenience of information acquisition. Enterprises today need to create mobile websites to tap into and capture this market to expand their businesses.

  • Why should businesses start a mobile website?

    Running a successful business is about managing relationships, understanding your customers’ needs and responding to them. Today, your customers have shifted their attention from the computer screen to their mobile phones. Are you ready to respond, and appear on their mobile phone screens?

  • Be the first to tap into mobile Internet

    While you are still paying high rates for clicks on search engines , your competitor has already explored new marketing channels and is taking pre-emptive measures to make full use of every opportunity available. It is no longer a question of whether you should be using WeChat to further your business – it has become a necessity.

  • Take action now, tap into the existing 600 million WeChat users, and make the most of mobile business opportunities.

    Successful businesses make prompt decisions. By taking action today, you increase the visibility of your business immediately, and your customers will be able to view your mobile website through WeChat. Do not take too long to make up your mind – you may lose out to your competitors before you know it.

What is a Mobile website?

Using the latest in HTML5+CSS3 web technology, the mobile website is a powerful tool in WeChat Marketing

In the past, customers would have to get hold of your calling card, start up their computers, open an Internet browser, type in a very long web address and patiently wait for the site to load before they can start to understand your product and company. This process alone takes a long time, and in today’s day and age, it’s simply a hassle.
Let’s approach this another way. Imagine your calling card is a QR code. Your customers use WeChat to scan it, and immediately your products and company information are loaded onto their mobile phone screens. Whether they’re on the road, at home, or even at the dinner table, they can scan and reach your mobile website anytime! There are other interesting functions and modules to keep them interested, such as Mobile Membership, Mobile Activities, Mobile Group Purchasing, scratch cards, coupons and even a Wheel-of-Fortune. Your customers won’t be able to tear themselves away. This, is the mobile-website.

    What can WeiSmart do for you?

    WeiSmart can help you create a powerful, fully-functional mobile website that is one-of-a-kind
    WeiSmart is an easy-to-use WeChat marketing platform that enables businesses and individuals alike to create mobile websites in just a few minutes.
    Not only that, WeiSmart also offers modules to attract customers, such as online lucky draws via coupons, Wheel-of-Fortune, scratch cards; online voting, registration, booking and purchasing; image and text messaging; location-based services (LBS) and maps; voice and video; personalised welcome notes and even an affiliate programme. For industry-specific purposes, there are many templates and modules available, including Mobile Property, Mobile Tourism, Mobile Mall, Mobile Medical, Mobile Catering and many others. There are many functions within the WeiSmart template that combine convenience with entertainment, catered for both businesses and individuals. These functions include: weather check; delivery tracking; Wikipedia; translation; phone ID; public transport query; and other fun and games such as jokes and idioms, riddles, personality tests, and so much more.
    There is something for everyone and can be modified to suit personal interests, which helps enhance user interaction and establish a loyal fan base.
    With WeiSmart, you can create your own mobile website, tap into the 600 million WeChat users and start building the business you have always dreamed of.
  •  Templates For Every  Industry

    Create a unique mobile website

    Choose from a variety of elegant and customized template designs to suit your business and industry needs.
  •  WeChat coupons

    Create your own customized coupons

    Send coupons to all your followers via an automated-system, and track used coupons through easy-to-understand data.
  • WeChat Lucky Draw

    Increase your popularity through interactive marketing

    Include modules like the Wheel-of-Fortune, scratch cards and slot machines to draw more followers.
  • Integration with WeChat

    WeiSmart is fully integrated with WeChat

    Enable automated responses based on keywords that can be set into all articles and templates.
  • Speed Dialling & Navigation

    Customers can get in touch with you instantly

    Fully utilize the WeChat platform to reach out to customers with no extra costs.
  • WeChat Polling System

    WeChat polls are practical and easy to use

    Polls and surveys can be carried out anytime, anywhere. Collect data and monitor market trends.
  • Reservation System

    Make bookings and reservations via WeChat

    Forget about phone reservations. All your clients’ booking information will be clearly available.
  • Location Based Service

    Instantly locate businesses around you

    The system is able to respond to your current position, and locate businesses and facilities nearest to you.
  • Customizable Menu

    WeiSmart provides fully customizable and comprehensive menus

    This unique feature allows you to easily create customized mobile apps.
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Official Mobile Website – – Create a stunning WeChat website within minutes

Showcase your brand to hundreds of millions of WeChat users via the WeChat public platform
  • Make the best of your Internet marketing strategies on WeChat

    An official mobile website is a means for you to promote information about your business, services and activities through WeChat. With just a few simple settings, you can create your own unique WeChat website.
  • Surpass traditional websites

    • Company profile: Supports multi-level menus
    • Product gallery: Multi-image display with slide-to-browse function
    • News: Automated alerts on WeChat public platform
    • Contact: Mark location on map and push to call functions
    • Updates: Official updates from WeChat
  • Official Mobile Website extended functions

    • Online marketing: Promote products directly to end users
    • After-sales service: Provide support via the WeChat public platform
    • QR code: Share on “Moments” to generate publicity
    • Communications: Members can use the WeChat public platform to organize offline activities
Weismart Home >> Mobile Tourism
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Mobile Tourism – – Contain the entire travel e-commerce system into your phone, and pocket

Integrate your desktop website with your mobile website. Create a two-pronged online marketing strategy.
  • Overall solution to travel

    Various functions to aid travel businesses in creating the perfect mobile website in minimal time, including:
    • Hotels and car rentals
    • Scenic spots, routes and destination guides
    • Individual and group purchases with SMS/email updates
    • Online reservations and payment
  • Integration of traditional tourism with e-commerce in a single website

    Various modules are available, with online booking and payment functions:
    • Recommended travel routes
    • Hotel and room type information
    • Car rental information
    • Introduction and reviews of scenic spots, with ticket and discount information
    • Informative articles for tourists
    • Tour packages for customized travel, company trips and one-on-one service
  • Mobile Tourism extended functions

    • Coupons: Offer coupons for every online booking, redeemable during the next transaction to promote customer loyalty
    • Q&A: Travel-related forums to enhance user interaction
    • Notifications: Message alerts for every user registration
    • Online marketing: Promote products directly to end users
    • After-sales service: Provide support via the WeChat public platform
    • QR code: Share on “Moments” to generate publicity
    • Communications: Members can use the WeChat public platform to organize offline activities
Weismart Home >> Mobile Property
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Mobile Property – – Create a powerful real estate precision marketing tool

Condense every function on your desktop website into your mobile website.
  • Multi-angle views and images to accommodate to the market’s demands

    From real estate description, location information, property layout, brochures and expert reviews to company profile, services and viewing appointments – this module has it all.
    With more than a dozen templates for your home page and underlying content pages to choose from, you can even customize your template according to market trends. Combined with touch-screen technology and vivid displays on today’s smartphones, your property gallery can only look better than ever.
  • Portal version for real estate agents (under development)

    An integrated information system which includes new and second-hand real estate sales, as well as information on rental, leasing and buying in real time. This system will be adapted to local agencies and estate companies to aid and encourage transactions and sharing of information. This platform then extends professional services to the end users.
  • Mobile Property extended functions

    • Viewing appointments, coupled with mapped locations, convenient online reservation and detailed records of customers’ favourite properties, customers can easily confirm their visits.
    • Affiliate marketing, including membership cards with customizable templates, latest updates and affiliate privileges.
    • Search and enquiry functions to enhance loyalty, such as local weather, public transport routes and schedules, real-time translation and Wikipedia.
  • Mobile Interaction, a point-to-point marketing tool

    Some interactive tools have been developed especially for the real estate industry, such as the Wheel-of-Fortune, scratch cards, online property viewing, computerized service, polls and surveys.
Weismart Home >> Mobile Mall
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Mobile Mall – – Create an online shopping platform on WeChat

It is far more professional, and fashionable, to create your own Mobile Mall on WeChat
  • Place orders directly from your mobile phone

    Applying the latest developments in WeChat, merchants and end users are able to actively interact online. Businesses can also promote their latest products directly to WeChat users. For each official account, businesses can establish their own malls, complete online transactions, and track trading volume, as well as the number of visitors.
  • Bring traditional shopping malls into mobile phones

    • Place advanced orders online
    • Register as members
    • Online payment and transactions. Only purchase order information will be recorded for purchases without online payment.
  • Mobile Mall extended functions

    • Online marketing: Promote products directly to end users
    • After-sales service: Provide support via the WeChat public platform
    • QR code: Share on “Moments” to generate publicity
    • Communications: Members can use the WeChat public platform to organize offline activities

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