A WeChat public service platform with more than 50,000 users

WeiSmart, a product of AppsPro Solutions Sdn Bhd, is today's leading WeChat public service platform.
In early April 2014, a beta version was released. Without investing in any marketing or advertising strategies, WeiSmart managed to garner more than 30,000 registered users in less than 70 days, with an accumulated 10 million page views.

WeiSmart released its first official version in July 2014, and marked more than 10,000 registered users within the first three days of its release. WeiSmart is undoubtedly set to become the hottest and most popular mobile online marketing platform.

WeiSmart is commited to providing a comprehensive range of services to fully support WeChat and online marketing strategies for a variety of industries. Businesses are welcome to choose from a number of packages. Whether it is the Standard Edition, a cost- and time-effective package with all the basic functions and modules; or the Industry Edition that's tailored specifically to your business needs, there's something for everyone.

Currently, WeiSmart 3.0 offers modules with more than a hundred template designs and a hundred more page styles. Our technical team is hard at work to continuously upgrade existing features, aiming to optimize user experience, helping you set up your own unique mobile website in just a few simple steps.