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Privacy Policy

  We believe that any information provided to us has been done in good faith, and for the purpose of helping us provide you with better service. We respect your privacy rights, and are committed to protecting it in any way possible. Therefore, we have developed a sophisticated security system to better protect your privacy and personal information. We also want to share with you the ways we protect and use the information provided to us.

What Information Do We Collect?

  Under normal circumstances, you may visit our website anonymously, until you make an active decision to register and join the site. Before you provide us with any information, there will be an explanation on how we may use the information you provide to us. A typical registration will only require that you provide us with your email address, as well as some other basic information about yourself, such as your name, phone number and address, which we will collate into our database to better understand your needs and respond accordingly. You have the right at any time to decline from receiving any information from us.

Protecting Your Privacy

  We will take all appropriate and necessary measures to protect your privacy, and all personal information provided to us, and all reasonable steps to ensure that your information is securely stored. Unless provided by mandatory provisions of the law, we shall not release any of your personal information to any third party. However, in cases where your information has to be shared with third parties, such as when requesting services from third parties, necessary information will be shared, and a link to said third party websites will be forwarded on to you. However, as we do not exercise control over said third party websites, we recommend that you read and understand their privacy policies before using their services.

Privacy Statement

  Your privacy is important to us. Hence, we have released this privacy statement to make public the five principles we follow in protecting your information:


If and when there is a necessity for this site to identify or contact you, it will explicitly request for you to provide the necessary information. In general, you will be asked to provide said information when you register on this site, request for services, or participate in contests. This site will take reasonable measures to verify the accuracy and timeliness of said information.


This site and its affiliate service provides may use your personal information to provide services to you, or to notify you of any new features, products and services available on this site and/or its subsidiary companies. This site may also send notifications of carefully selected goods and services provided by other companies.


In such cases where this site wishes to use your information for secondary purposes, this site will also provide you with the right of refusal, and instructions on how to refuse such services. You may contact this site according to said instructions to stop receiving further requests and information from us.


This site may be required, by law or in good faith, to disclose the information provided to us, in case of, but not limited to, the following:

(1)to comply with current laws or legal processes

(2)to protect the rights or properties of WeiSmart users

(3)in the interest of personal or public safety of WeiSmart users, in case of emergencies


If at any time you believe that this site has not complied to these principles, please notify us via email at info@appspro.my
We shall make every effort to respond and rectify such issues within a reasonable period.


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