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Content Standard Edition Mall Edition Industry Edition Premium Edition
Personal domain x
Independent domain x
Storage 500M 1000M 5G 10G
Page Styles 30 80 100 Unlimited
Optional Function Modules
400 enterprise telephone number x x x x
Function Upgrade
IT Support
system function
Official Mobile Website
Internet Access
Keyword Setting
3D Full View x
Interactive Functions
Fanbase Management
Multi-user Service System x
Messaging system
Marketing function
Light APP x
M.Calling Card x
Coupons x
Scratch Cards
Golden Egg
Well wishes
M.Router x x
Share & Win
Membership Card x
Online Business
M.Mall x
M.Group Purchasing x
PayPaL interface x
WeChat payment interface x
M.Property x x
M.Tourism x x
M.Forum x x
M.Gallery x x
M.Automobile x x
M.Hotel x x
M.Recruitment x x
M.Housing x x
M.Medical x x
M.Beauty x x
M.Fitness x x
M.Catering x x
M.Life x x
M.Government x x
M.Car Rental x x
M.Invititation x x
Advanced Services
M.Property Portal Version x x x
Template Background Design x x x
Holiday Marketing Strategy x x x
Personalised VIP service x x x